Are you Interested in Starting a Career in Travel? Here’s Why you Should Consider Working with Magical Vacation Planner

Are you the one your family and friends go to when they need to book a vacation? Do you love to travel? Are you hard-working and self-motivated? Are you looking to work remotely and manage your own time? Would you love to help others create lifetime memories?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then working as an independent contractor with Magical Vacation Planner, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, may be a great option for you. Here are some reasons why you should consider it:

Manage your Time & Set your Own Schedule

You may be looking to change career paths, or you may simply be looking to explore other professional options in an industry you love as a way to earn a second income. Whatever your initial goal is, and whether you want to approach this new professional path as a full-time or part-time job, Magical Vacation Planner can give you the needed support to start dipping your toes in the travel industry.

Learn from a Top Educational Program

One of the best things about working with Magical Vacation Planner is the unique educational opportunities available for the company’s independent contractors. You will learn directly from many of the biggest names in the industry and have an opportunity to develop lasting relationships with them.

Online & On-Site Educational Opportunities at MVP’s Orlando Facility & Vendors’ Destinations

MVP recently opened an office/training space in Orlando, Florida. This is a location where the team comes together to learn sales, marketing, and how to best grow a business. The company also provides opportunities for its independent contractors to travel to many of its partner vendors’ destinations, to get to know the products they sell first-hand and to expand their network and expertise.

Work Alongside the Biggest Names in the Industry

MVP operates through three branches: MVP Parks, MVP Cruising, and MVP Getaways. The company has reached Diamond Level Status for outstanding sales with both Walt Disney World and Universal Resort Orlando. MVP’s Cruising and Getaways business units also partner with preferred vendors like Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, Virgin Voyages, Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, AMR Collection, Karisma Hotels & Resorts, Beaches & Sandals, AIC Hotel Group, and RIU Hotels & Resorts. MVP has also received numerous awards for outstanding sales with many of these companies.

Take Part in Magical Vacation Planner’s Annual Conferences

MVP’s Annual Conferences are the company’s biggest event of the year. In 2023, over 500 travel advisors are scheduled to take part in this 4-day event filled with magical entertainment, lots of learning opportunities, and a unique occasion to connect with wonderful, passionate, and professional individuals within the travel industry.

No Previous Experience Needed

If travel is your passion, you can start building your career around it without any previous professional experience in the industry. In fact, the company pointedly does not take anyone who has worked in travel before. MVP prides itself on developing its independent contractors to become some of the most knowledgeable and professional travel advisors in the industry from scratch.

Get your Business Off the Ground with a Minimal Investment

Magical Vacation Planner does all the heavy lifting for its independent contractors. You won’t need high investments to set up an office, develop a national marketing campaign, or buy merchandise. The company provides all of the tools and resources necessary for you to get your business off the ground, promote it, and grow it at your own pace with a minimal initial investment.

Do Something You Love!

Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to build a career and make money doing something you truly love and enjoy. Research shows, as stated in Simon Sinek’s book “Start With WHY,” that 80 percent of Americans do not have their dream job. What if you could become part of that 20 percent who actually do love what they do?

People who love their jobs are more productive and creative, live happier lives at home with their families, and treat their customers better. By doing what you love, you inspire others to follow their passions as well. If travel is your passion, you’re looking to build a long-lasting and successful career in this industry, and you believe that success, growth, and results can only be achieved through teamwork, then Magical Vacation Planner may be the business partner you’ve been looking for.


  1. Leslie Poppell
    November 3, 2022

    I am a busy assistant principal looking to find something to move into as I plan to retire in about 5 years. Is this something that is doable with a busy schedule?

    • Corine Rivet
      November 4, 2022

      Hi Leslie! My name is Corine Rivet, I am a team leader with Magical Vacation planner as well as a registered nurse with a family! The best part about this is you make your own schedule! 😀

      • MVP Media
        November 4, 2022

        Hi Corine! Thank you so much for giving your own input on this! It’s extremely valuable to know the opinion of someone who knows what it’s like to be an MVP 😊 have a magical day!

    • MVP Media
      November 4, 2022

      Hi Leslie! Thank you for your message. Many of our MVPs are full-time travel advisors, while others do this as a part-time job. Truly, it all depends on what you’re looking to get out of this and your availability. But if you believe in helping others create magical memories, then we think it’s totally doable! 😊

  2. Bert Whidden
    February 8, 2023

    How much is the initial investment?

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