Breakfast With Disney Destinations Sales Solutions Team – An Evergrowing Partnership

As a gesture of appreciation for its most trusted partners, including Magical Vacation Planner, the Disney Destinations Sales Solutions team hosted a fantastic breakfast event this morning.

Cast members and Disney executives entered the room, headed by Lynn Clark, Vice President of Sales for the Disneyland Resort, who welcomed everyone and congratulated each and every company present for their commitment and hard work.

“We really value what you all do,” said Clark. “We appreciate your trust and want to reassure you that we will keep working hard to provide all of your guests with the Disney-quality experiences they deserve.”

Javier Moreno, Senior VP of Disney Destinations Sales Solutions Globally, and Ken Potrock, President of the Disneyland Resort, were also present at this event. They both expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to take part in the company’s milestone celebration and their excitement at the prospect of sharing the occasion with the rest of us present.

What Makes Disney Unique

Ken Potrock delivered the welcome remarks before the World of Color: ONE premiere that our audience got to see yesterday through our Facebook LIVE stream. Potrock emphasized how crucial every single Cast Member is to Disney’s success and how they are the ones who keep the business running.

“If the customer experience breaks down, then it all breaks down for us,” said Potrock. “And our Cast Members are the ones in front of our customers every day. This is why we highly value and appreciate everything they do.”

At MVP, we all feel the same way toward each and every one of our amazing travel advisors. They are the ones who keep the wheels turning for the business and the ones who keep our guests coming back, over and over again, which is why we aim to do everything in our power to give them the assistance needed to develop and flourish.

Teamwork: A Key to Success

Before World of Color: ONE‘s formal debut, the Disney team responsible for its development tested the show for two weeks in California’s blustery, chilly weather while perfecting every aspect of it. Potrock brought his son to one of these trials runs.

“My son works in IT; he’s a pretty introvert type of person, very used to working alone,” Potrock said. “I was shocked by his reaction when I asked him what he liked most about the show.”

What Potrock’s son found most impressive didn’t have anything to do with the show itself. It was the huddle at the conclusion of the test runs of the show that caught the young man’s attention. After the previews, a group of around 20 members from Disney’s various teams, who had joined together to create the best performance for its guests, embraced in a giant group hug as a sign of celebration and excitement for the success of the project.

“My son said he was surprised to see people from different departments, different cultures, and different backgrounds, come together for one common purpose,” said Potrock. “And that purpose is to bring our guests something magical and unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.”

A Proud Partnership

Magical Vacation Planner is tremendously proud of our partnership with The Walt Disney Company, and we feel incredibly grateful to be among the select group of partners invited to participate in this preview event for the company’s 100th-anniversary celebrations. As the Director of Education & Communications for the company alongside Genesis Warner, MVP’s VP of Marketing, we feel extremely honored to be here representing not only the company’s Executive Staff but also each and every one of the incredible advisors that make the magic happen within our company day in and day out.

Disney, an organization that has been able to excel and provide their guests with the highest level of experiences for a century, continues to serve as an inspiration for the culture and core values we believe in at Magical Vacation Planner, which include teamwork, community and putting our travel advisors first in recognition and appreciation for everything they do.

As Potrock said at the end of his speech, “we are excited about the momentum we see within the company during this celebration. We truly believe that, like Walt once said: ‘you haven’t seen anything yet.’

At Magical Vacation Planner, we also trust that the best is yet to come. Here’s to another 100 years!

About Magical Vacation Planner

Magical Vacation Planner (MVP) was founded by Jamie Ane Eubanks & JJ Eubanks as a storefront travel agency in 2006. Today, MVP is an Earmarked Travel Agency that acquired Diamond Level recognition from Disney Destinations Sales Solutions, due to the company’s outstanding performance and dedication. MVP, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, operates through three branches: MVP Parks, MVP Cruising, and MVP Getaways. The company aspires to become a household name in the world of travel and continue to positively impact lives for years to come.


  1. Jamie Eubanks
    January 27, 2023

    Great article Juan. While reading it I felt as if I was there in person. ❤️

  2. Jenny Koppenhaver
    January 29, 2023

    Great article Juan! I’ll always be proud of MVP.

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