What is the age requirement to become a MVP ?

  • Must be 18 years and older. 

How do I become an Independent Contractor for Magical Vacation Planner?

  • Fill out and submit an application.  
  • If upon review of your application and Disney Travel Experience, you seem to fit the criteria of what we look for in a Magical Vacation Planner, we’ll email you to ask for a resume and a high resolution photo of yourself (Please note: A professional head shot may be required later if you are chosen to work with our team).

How much experience is needed to become an MVP?

  • Having sales experience is a plus, but we are ultimately looking for MVPs who are able to give personal, caring service to our clients.

How long will it take to hear back after my application has been submitted?

  • Depending on the number of applications received at the time, average waiting time is approximately 2 weeks.  If you do not hear back from us, we encourage all of our applicants to re-apply after a 6 month grace period. 

What is an Independent Contractor?

  • If you are an independent contractor, then you are self-employed. The earnings of a person who is working as an independent contractor are subject to self-employment tax. To find out what your tax obligations are, visit the Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center through the United States IRS.

What Organizations and Memberships does Magical Vacation Planner hold?

  • Accredited Travel Agency with IATA and CLIA.
  • Verified Seller of Travel in all states that require registrations.
  • Licensed to sell travel insurance directly with Allianz.
  • Member of the Mitchell & Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

Is Magical Vacation Planner a Trademark Company?

  • “Magical Vacation Planner” is registered under the United States of America Patent and Trademark Office. We own the rights to the phrase “Magical Vacation Planner” and the logo shown here. When you become an Independent Contractor with Magical Vacation Planner, you will have access to this brand while you are in contract.
I do not live in the United States, can I still apply ?
  • Magical Vacation Planner is currently not accepting applications from residents of Puerto Rico, Hawaii or outside of the United States.


There are many companies out there that promise seemingly great opportunities and compensation to potential Independent Contractors. But if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here are a few tips on what to look for in an agency:

  • Is the agency CLIA and IATAN Certified? IATAN is the top standard for the industry. Make sure first and foremost that the agency you are considering is in good standings with these two companies.
  • Does the agency offer coverage to you under their “Errors and Omissions” Insurance?
  • How long has the company been an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner? Look for a company that is in good standings with Disney.
  • Does the company have a website/websites? If so, are they registered in the 5 states that require a Seller of Travel? If the agency does not carry these registrations, it is a red flag. They may not be experienced enough to know they need to register and offer certain consumer protections required by law for you and your clients.
  • Is the agency a Trademarked company? This is very important because you will be selling travel under the company’s name.
  • How long has the agency been in business?
  • Are they Incorporated or LLC and registered in their home state? Pick an agency that has invested the time and resources in building the foundation of their company correctly.
  • Get to know the agency’s owner. Ask current and past agents what their experience was like working with that agency and owner.

Does the agency have a direct phone number and physical address where they can be reached? Avoid agencies that have generic phone numbers and PO Boxes.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Additional Questions?

Contact us with any questions regarding your application process.