How to Enjoy Walt Disney World When You Have Motion Sickness (Part 3)

Welcome to the third and final part of our tips & tricks to navigate Walt Disney World with motion sickness. We hope the information shared was useful and will allow you to fully enjoy the magic!

Let’s take a look at the following attractions:

Rock’n’Roller Coaster

This is a great roller coaster! 0-60 mph in 2 seconds flat. It will get your adrenaline pumping just as much as Cosmic Rewind will, without as much risk for motion sickness. It is high speed with loops, spirals, drops, sharp turns, loud music, and mostly in the dark! I do not wear my Sea Bands and do not have any nausea with this ride.

Tower of Terror

This is a hit-and-miss ride for people with motion sickness. The theme, décor, and ride to the top are great! The multiple drops from 13 stories give me a “stomach-in-throat” feeling that lasts a little while after I get off the ride, even with my Sea Bands. I have not tried it with Dramamine but I do believe that would help me. My husband cannot tolerate the spirals and loops of roller coasters like Rock’n’Roller Coaster or Cosmic Rewind (he does not wear Sea bands or take Dramamine) but he can ride Tower of Terror without any problems and loves it! Approach this ride at your discretion based on your personal degree of motion sickness.

Tower of Terror - Walt Disney World® Resort - Hollywood Studios®
Tower of Terror – Walt Disney World® Resort – Hollywood Studios®
7 Dwarfs Mine Train

I love this ride. It’s part roller coaster and part telling the story of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. The storytelling part is inside in the dark, mostly showing the dwarves mining. It is slow at this point. The parts outside are more like your typical roller coaster, with moderate speed and mild to moderate curves and drops. It’s great for kids and adults. I didn’t have any nausea with this ride and didn’t need my Sea Bands or Dramamine.

Mad Tea Party

This is a spinning ride. If you have issues with going around in circles, this might not be for you. I am not affected by this ride, but my parents are. The speed and amount of spin of the teacup can be controlled somewhat by the steering wheel: the less you turn the wheel, the less it spins. The spinning won’t stop completely because the cups are on a platform that rotates. However, the individual spin of the cup can be slowed or even stopped based on the steering wheel inside the cup. My parents closed their eyes and wore Sea Bands when they rode with me. With my dad, I still couldn’t have a fast spin, but with my mom, I could. It just depends on your degree of motion sickness, and it may be something that you have to try out for yourself. When in doubt, I suggest adding a non-drowsy Dramamine as that has always helped us.

Space Mountain

This is the ultimate roller coaster in the Magic Kingdom. If your kids aren’t big enough for Rock’n’Roller Coaster or Cosmic Rewind, but they want that big coaster thrill, this is the coaster for them. If you don’t like curves and mild to moderate drops, it might not be for you. It does not have any spirals or loops. Due to it being in the dark, it seems like it goes a whole lot faster than it really does. My whole family has ridden it, and even riding in the back seat of one of the cars, none of us have gotten nauseated without Sea Bands or Dramamine. The only problem we’ve had with this one is that the seat is on the ground, so it is hard to get in and out when boarding and leaving.

Space Mountain - Walt Disney World® Resort - Magic Kingdom®
Space Mountain – Walt Disney World® Resort – Magic Kingdom®
Big Thunder Mountain

This is another favorite if your kids aren’t ready for Rock’n’Roller coaster or Cosmic Remind. It’s also great if your kids aren’t ready for Space Mountain because they don’t like the dark. This ride is completely out in the open and filled with fun! Because it is out in the light, you’ll notice the moderate speed at which it moves. It has mild to moderate curves and drops but no spirals or loops. Once again, no nausea with this ride, and no Sea Bands or Dramamine was needed. Just bring your voice ready to scream for fun!

Big Thunder Mountain - Walt Disney World® Resort - Magic Kingdom®
Big Thunder Mountain – Walt Disney World® Resort – Magic Kingdom®
Prince Charming Regal Carousel

As a carousel, this is obviously going to go in circles. There are, of course, horses that go up and down but there are also a few benches on which to sit that are still. If any of these movements are an issue, wear Sea Bands, take some Dramamine, or simply don’t ride since it could make you sick. I have never gotten nauseated on this ride, but my parents have. They just close their eyes and wear their Sea Bands.


While not a ride, this mode of transportation is a lot more optional for most guests than a bus, but it can still cause motion sickness. If your kids are like mine, they may treat it like a ride and want to go on it for transportation every chance they get, so it’s best to be prepared. The take-off and landing of the gondolas are a lot like planes, but shorter and you see it coming a lot easier. For me, that is one trigger. There isn’t any air conditioning, although there are vents at the top of the gondola for crosscurrents. Depending on the direction that the gondola is heading and the direction of the wind, sometimes these work great, but sometimes they don’t.

This is another trigger for me and my mom. It can stop in mid-air due to difficulty with loading and unloading passengers or as the gondolas ahead slow down to make a turn. When stopped in mid-air, the gondola may slightly sway back and forth with the wind. I recommend facing forward when riding, wearing Sea Bands, closing your eyes, or keeping your eyes fixed forward (the views are BEAUTIFUL), and do not ride in the middle of a warm or hot day unless you have a fan with you.

Disney Skyliner - Walt Disney World® Resort
Disney Skyliner – Walt Disney World® Resort
If You Have More Questions or Concerns, Reach Out to Your Magical Vacation Planner!

You may find other rides that cause motion sickness for you and your family. I have tried to cover everything that has been problematic for us and could be problematic for others. I hope that this information will be helpful to those that have motion sickness and will make their stay at Walt Disney World more enjoyable!

If you ever have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your MVP, even while on your magical vacation. Please remember that what I have discussed here is what works for me and my family. It may not work for everyone. Always discuss medications with your doctor prior to adding them to your regimen to avoid issues. It never hurts to have plenty of Gatorade or soda and crackers on hand in case of illness (we never leave the room without them).

Most of all, have a safe and magical vacation!

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