My Experience at Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Orlando Resort - Halloween Horror Nights
Universal Orlando Resort – Halloween Horror Nights

Hello everyone! My name is Kendra Cline and I am a wife and a mother who loves to travel. I have been with MVP for five years and recently became a Team Leader. I’m not a fan of “scary,” but after attending the event I’m now a huge fan of Halloween Horror Nights! Let me tell you all about our experience.

“I Don’t do Scary,” but I Loved it!

I’ve never been a fan of “scary.” I won’t watch horror films and I shy away from haunted houses. Therefore, whenever Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights was mentioned my reaction was much the same as what I hear from others, “I don’t do scary.”  I’m here to tell you that after my family’s recent visit to Halloween Horror Nights, not only has my perspective changed, but we can’t wait to attend this event again! At my son’s (a Halloween-born baby) urging, we spent our Fall Break at Universal Orlando and, of course, purchased admission to Halloween Horror Nights because he DOES love all things scary, naturally. I’m so glad we took this trip because we had an absolute blast!

Universal Studios - HHN
Universal Studios – HHN
Tips to Have an Amazing Experience

Thankfully, we bought the Express Pass to this event which was a lifesaver. We were able to visit all 10 haunted houses, all 5 scare zones, ride 3 of the regular attractions open at that time, and enjoy the themed food and drinks. We remained in the park at park closing which was 5:00 PM. Approximately at 5:45 PM, they started allowing those in the park to visit the haunted houses in their holding area. The event opened to Halloween Horror Nights ticket holders at 6:30 PM. We were finished with everything we wanted to see and do by 10:30 PM!

I highly recommend purchasing the Express Pass for anyone attending this event, precisely for this reason. In addition to the haunted houses, which are the main attractions, do take a look and experience the scare zones. You’ll most definitely walk through a few on your way from one haunted house to another, but I would try to hit them all. They are themed, and as you walk through you will see actors walking about with you. You may be surprised at who decides to give you a scare. The themed food and drinks are also on point. Maggot Cheese Dog, anyone?  

Give this Event a Try!

While Universal Orlando Resort cautions that this event may not be suitable for children under 13, we did see several children that did appear to be as young as 8. Use caution when planning to visit this event to ensure that this is suitable for you. One of my main concerns was actors chasing, touching, or grabbing me. In reality, the fun is in the element of surprise. You never know when someone will pop out at you or make a loud noise that will catch you off guard. You may be expecting something to happen only to let your guard down when they strike! If you’re like me and don’t do scary, I still do encourage you to give this event a try. You will be surprised at what a scary, good time you’ll have!

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