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Ahoy Sailors!

My name is Jennifer O’Leary and I am the new VP of Cruising for Magical Vacation Planner. I started the job not too long ago, but I’m already super excited to work with our travel agents to bring you the best possible cruise vacations and experiences.

I recently had the opportunity to sail along with many of our MVP travel advisors for the first time! It was a unique experience for all of us, and I want to share with you exciting insights from our journey on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady.Melanie Acevedo / Virgin Voyages

A “Cheeky” And Modern Feel

The Scarlet Lady is definitely one of a kind! Their terminal is so streamlined with clean lines and that ultra modern feel. Once you step on the ship the vibe continues on board. It feels like you have stepped into a different world inside a luxury yacht with a hint of David Bowie. When you add the eklectic music, it’s the chef’s kiss that brings it all together. To top things off, this was the first muster drill that included a rock and roll video letting you know what you need to do in case of an emergency. It was awesome!

If you like technology you are going to love this ship! The room has a cool high tech modern vibe, and the lighting and TV are controlled by a small iPad device. The lighting settings are so amazing, and there is one for every mood. My personal favorite was the Zen setting.

And even though we dealt with some bad weather from a tropical depression, that didn’t dampen the fun! There was plenty to do on board, and I was definitely able to catch up on my movie watching. 

We stopped in Key West, and were told that we were the first sailing since they added it back on the itinerary. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Bimini due to the weather system, so we didn’t get to enjoy Virgin Voyages Beach Club there. The safe alternative for us was Nassau.

Eating On Board

With over 20 eateries on board, there is definitely something for everyone. One of my closest friends is vegan, and I was sending him photos of the menus showing him all the cool choices they had available.

Ironically, the joke on board was that the best steak is actually served at Razzle Dazzle, the cruise’s vegetarian restaurant. Although if you want a unique food experience, you have to try the Test Kitchen with its wine pairings. We were mind blown with the combinations of food that were put together for us. Definitely a must! 

I fell in love with their pizza as well. What makes it special is that they import the pizza dough straight from Italy. You also will not want to miss a sweet treat from Lick Me Till Ice Cream

The food and beverages on board were delicious. As I am typing this I am eating a celery stick and drinking a gallon of water to make up for all the eating we did on the trip. By the way, Virgin Voyages is very conscious in regards to food waste so there are no buffets on board, which is something many of us really appreciated.

Fun And Relaxation

Virgin Voyages highly emphasizes taking care of yourself, having a good time and relaxing. If you like to excercise on vacation, there are group fitness classes included as well as a beautiful fitness center on board. If you are more of a spa person, you can book your treatment on your Virgin Voyages app. I was able to take advantage of the spa treatment on board, and it was AMAZING! If you get to do a spa treatment ask for Debra, she was the best! Also, another fun option that I find relaxing is spending some time at the casino. Keep in mind this location is open when you are at sea, but not when in port.

Many of our agents really enjoyed the shows too! So make sure you take advantage of the opportunity when you sail with Virgin Voyages. If you like to dance, there is a night club called The Manor, with a great Instagram opportunity in the hallway as you are walking in to share your experience. Other areas of the ship also have social media spots to share your vacation with your friends online. On the Scarlet Lady, your Virgin Voyages app will tell you where and when all the happenings are taking place on the ship. Also, make sure you dress in red on Scarlet Night!

Our Training Onboard

We had two days of training on board that were very informative. We talked about Booking Circles, which is a great tool to use when you are booking groups of people. We had room inspections where we were able to tour and see a beautiful suite, as well other room categories. 

The last day we had an unexpected and delightful moment, where we were able to tour the ship’s bridge with Captain Giovanni and the Virgin Voyages team. I will be working with their team to set up some webinars to educate our agents on what this cruise line has to offer, for them to be able to then put together the perfect cruise vacation for our clients. 

Sail With Virgin Voyages!

Overall, the Scarlet Lady was a strong 9 out of 10 in my book! Before you go, make sure you download their Virgin Voyages app. This is helpful for pre registering, keeping up to date with the happenings on board, as well as booking your dining and spa reservations. I will say, the app can be temperamental at times, and you do run into some issues when the satellite has interferences due to weather, but it is a great tool overall. 

Ultimately, Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady is a great cruise for adults with a bit of “cheekiness.” If you sail with them, please don’t forget to share your experiences with us through our social media platforms. And if you’re interested in having a cruise vacation in the future, contact your Magical Vacation Planner so they can tell you the best way to do it!

Until our next adventure! Make it a great day!

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  1. Kim
    June 8, 2022

    Looks awesome. Do you need to be vaccinated. I have not cruised because I am not and miss cruises.

    • MVP Media
      June 29, 2022

      Hello Kim, thank you so much for your patience, we apologize for not responding to your comment sooner. If you are interested in cruising, please fill out our plan a vacation form. We will place you with one of our MVPs, and they will be able to answer all your questions regarding health policies.

      Thank you for commenting, we hope to accommodate your future travels!

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