Emily Roberts

Hi, I’m Emily Roberts!

Being a mom of two girls, our life isn’t complete without all the princess songs, glitter, and magic! Disney and travel has been a huge part of our lives, and of course the memories we make.

I became a travel agent because of just that…. Helping you make memories with your family.

I love to have a plan, and to make sure and help create the special little moments for your perfect trip. Best part of it, using my services are completely FREE! You have someone there for you the entire vacation that is helping you every step of the way!

Whether you are planning a Disney vacation for your entire family, or a relaxing getaway with your significant other… Your ideal vacation is just around the corner!

Emily Bruening

Hi! I’m Emily Bruening. A pediatric hematology/oncology nurse from Ohio. I am married to my college sweetheart and we have 2 adorable mini goldendoodles. I am your typical Disney adult -obsessed with all things Disney. I’ve been 15+ times to Disney World, done 3 magical Disney cruises, and also visited Disneyland! I love all the little details of planning – especially choosing where to eat! My skills include being extremely organized, thinking of all the little things, and being technologically savvy to help navigate all of Disney’s new tech to make your trip as magical and stress free as possible.

Erica Bringedahl

My family and I traveled often when I was growing up. My first time at Disney World was when I was 5 years old. I remember thinking this was the most magical vacation with my family that I will ever take with them. I was so young that my father had to carry me on his shoulders walking in the parks and my mother carried the large Minnie Mouse I got our first night at Magic Kingdom. I will never forget that night when I was on my dad’s shoulders and the firework show commenced. It was truly magical. We went several times as I grew up and each time was just as amazing or better since I was able to remember more and ride on more attractions.

As an adult and parent, I have found my passion in planning magical vacations. I find joy in helping others plan their magical vacations and creating those lasting memories together. I would love to help make all of your travel dreams a reality for you and your family.

Emilie Meinardi

My name is Emilie Meinardi and I’m so excited to start a job I have dreamed about for a long time. My husband and I are from Ohio but we now live in Indiana. We have had 3 children. Our oldest child Tressel, sadly passed away in 2010. We then had 2 girls, Scarlet and Grayce. We have 2 yorkies, Tiramisu who is 16 1/2 years old and Buckeye who is 15 years old. For many years I enjoyed working in the field of Social Work. I love helping others achieve goals. A few months before Scarlet was born I stopped working in social work and became a Stay at home mother and that has been so rewarding. Now that they are both in school full time, becoming a travel agent is my new adventure. We enjoying traveling, especially to Disney, and look forward to trying new destinations as well as cruising.

Erin A Hawkins

When life gives you lemons, fly to Italy for limoncello or go to Epcot for a frozen one!

I grew up knowing I wanted to see the world. I knew the world was a much bigger place than my small city and I wanted to see it all. Growing up in California I found a love for all things Disney. After spending some time in the Navy I moved to “Sunny and Beautiful” Florida for a change of pace and well to be close the one the most magical places in the world. I love to travel and love to help others plan their magical journeys too. I love to find the little things that just make it that much more well Magical.

Elizabeth Campbell

Walt Disney once said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” That is what Elizabeth loves most about vacationing at Disney – it is always evolving. With so many different resort hotels, parks, restaurants, attractions, and seasonal offerings to enjoy, each visit offers something new. With extensive knowledge and experience, Elizabeth enjoys planning trips almost as much as she enjoys the trip itself! Her greatest joy is to help other families create their own magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Elizabeth grew up visiting Walt Disney World and Universal Studios frequently. As an adult, she is sharing her love for these theme parks with her family and friends. Elizabeth also enjoys cruises and traveling to other destinations. She graduated from Georgia Tech and worked as an engineer for six years before pursuing her true passion for vacation planning. When she’s not traveling or planning vacations for other families, she enjoys reading, baking, and spending time outdoors with her family. She lives in a small town near Savannah, Georgia with her husband, daughter, and dogs.

When you work with Elizabeth, you can expect clear communication, meticulous attention to detail, thoughtful recommendations and suggestions, and fun surprises that add an extra touch of magic to your experience!

Emily Knight

Hi, I’m Emily! I have a husband that I’ve been married to for 9 years and we have 2 amazing daughters, Audrey (7) and Ivey (4). I am a homeschool mom and love every minute of it. We have always enjoyed traveling as a family to the mountains, beach, theme parks, etc. However, our first trip to Disney is what made me fall in love with the magic! I loved seeing my kids faces and was totally surprised that I was just as excited as them! I am so thrilled to be helping other families get the same experience that I did and create magical moments that they will remember forever!

Elizabeth Pierce

I am a travel fanatic that has been to Universal, Disney, New York, Scotland and serval cruise. I enjoy planning trips to different distinctions and helping families by giving them tips that I have found that may help them have an amazing vacation. I love to help families get the most bang for your buck on vacations. To many different places to theme parks like Disney, cruises, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and so much more. As a travel agent I will send you quotes to help you find the best vacation package for your family, then help book, make reservations (for example for dinning for Disney), remind you of important dates, and so much more.
Areas of Focus: Walt Disney World and Universal, All Inclusive resorts, cruises, SeaWorld, Bush Gardens, planning trips for families, dinning and resort recommendations, extras and tours.

Ellen Moore

Ellen is a tidal pool explorer and lover of deserted beaches. She’s loved travel since the first time she boarded a plane. As a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, she loves anything tropical and beach related.

She has traveled to the UK, Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and widely within the continental US. She has spent a great deal of time in New York City, and has visited Walt Disney World numerous times. Her favorite park is Magic Kingdom, but she also loves Hollywood Studios.

Ellen is the mom of 3 amazing kids, who love Disney as much as she does! The youngest has yet to visit, but is already looking forward to his first magical vacation in the near future!

Emily Robinson

Hello! I’m Emily and have been an MVP since 2020. Everyone who hears that I started my job as a travel advisor during COVID laughs since most travel shut down for a time. But I see it as being so valuable. It allowed me to grow in so many ways, and I feel it has given me the tools of being patient, staying on my toes (things are always changing), and most importantly it has given me more time to build one-on-one relationships with my clients. This is the part I love the most…listening to your stories and hearing what you want/need in a vacation. My goal is to help guide you to make your vacation the most fun for what you want, whether it’s a Disney or Universal vacation or spending time on the beach at an all-inclusive or sailing the seas on a cruise ship! Your desire is my goal!

My family and I love all things Disney (of course), Harry Potter–thank you Universal, National Parks and pretty much all travel! We take long road trips and drive around the country exploring all the beauty and history we can jam into our weeks of traveling. We seem to have 2-3 vacations on the books at all times, because we are planners and we love travel!

Is it time to plan your next vacation (or 2)??? I’m ready to help you with your EPIC vacation! What are you waiting for????

Erica Andrade

Hello! My name is Erica and my passion for Disney started when I was a child and dreamed of going to Orlando.
In 1992, my grandfather gave me the trip as a gift, and since then, I have been many times to Disney World and Disneyland. I am a roller coaster lover and passionate in discovering the best hidden restaurants in the world. In 2004, I came across another great passion: cruises! I spent years studying and expending my knowledge in this field.
I have a bachelor and a Master in Tourism, I am a specialist in Cruises and Theme Parks. I work in this trade since 2002, and in my free time, I like to travel, of course, and get to know the world.
I am the mother of a girl and a little boy, and I dream of being able to show them a magical world on each trip, or even discover a new adventure, whether at Disney, Universal parks or Sea World. Or taking an incredible cruise, bringing in addition to a lot of fun, knowledge and culture.
I speak Portuguese (i’m Brazilian) and English 🙂

Let me help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Elizabeth M Handel

Beth began her love for travel and all things Disney at the age of 5 years old when she went on her first trip to Disney World. Since then, she has been on over 30 Disney vacations with family and friends and stayed at nearly every Disney resort, so her knowledge and passion for Disney vacations run deep! As a retired elementary school principal, Beth has taken her passion for education and love for Disney into her second career as a travel planner.
Beth strives to provide premier concierge travel planning by assisting families in creating the perfect Disney vacation. Whether it’s going to Disney World, Disneyland, or taking a Disney Cruise, Beth will make sure every detail is covered. From short “girls trips” and honeymoons to large or small family group vacations, she will personalize your vacation to your family’s wants and needs. If you have other attractions and destinations in mind, she can do that too. Just contact her and she will make it happen! Beth can’t wait to help you plan the perfect vacation!

Eric Dumatrait

Eric loves Disney among other types of vacations. Eric’s passion is to help each of his clients with planning a vacation experience that they will be excited to tell others about. Eric first experienced Disney in 1992 and was inspired to make this his vacation experience for many years to come.

Eric loves to share his experiences from Disney, especially the wonderful dining experiences he and his family have enjoyed. Whether it be a breakfast at the Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort with Lilo and Stich or the awesome dining experience and the 50s Primetime Cafe.

Eric is married to his wife of 21 years Tracy and has two children Joshua (25) and Shelby (19), the whole family loves the Disney experience and continues to look forward to attractions such as The Mine Train Ride, Star Wars, Toy Story, among other exciting rides and attractions.

Area of Focus: Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise, and other amazing vacation experiences.

Emily Thimling

With 12 years of customer service experience, Emily prides herself in the ability to listen to her clients and deliver what they are after. World travel, regardless of luxury or adventure, has always been a passion of hers. With personal experiences in places such as St. Lucia, Antigua, Bahamas, Greece, Italy, and Ireland, Emily will go above and beyond to ensure you have the vacation you have always dreamed of.

Elaine Collins

Hello! My name is Elaine Collins and I have been a member of the MVP family since 2019. I have always loved traveling which is what led me to want to work in the travel industry. I love to research and find new and exciting places to visit. I like to try off the beaten path places to eat and I am always up for a road trip, no matter where it leads. I am ready to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime, all I need is a few details and a little time to research!

Elizabeth Kremer

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I live near Indianapolis. As a wife and mother of 3 very active boys, I know how hard it can be to find time to research and plan a vacation! I am here to listen to your wants and needs, as well as offer suggestions and tips, to customize your vacation for you!

Erica Delgado

Erica is a world traveler with a special affinity for all things Disney! She has visited Walt Disney World in Florida so many times she’s lost count! Her most magical memories were of taking her husband to Disney for the first time in college and laughing at his childlike wonder as he practically threw up his hands and ran like a child, excited to “see it all” to taking her two children throughout the years. She has such special memories of her son’s love and awe over the characters, especially Mickey Mouse, and her daughter’s precious moments becoming a princess at Bippity Boppity Boutique and then sharing the special dining experience at Cinderella’s Royal Table. They are memories that she cherishes. Erica ‘s favorite thing about Disney is that no matter the age, there is always a bit of magic to be enjoyed and it is her goal to make all your family’s dreams come true as well! It is truly the happiest place on earth!

In addition to her travels to Disney, Erica had the unique opportunity to both live and travel throughout Europe during her teenaged years. Her first trip was at the age of 13 where she traveled abroad alone (Don’t worry, her mother met her at the airport!) then saw 14 countries in 28 days. Her experiences have given her a special love and knowledge for the many countries and cultures she was fortunate enough to be apart of. She even had the opportunity to visit Disneyland Paris multiple times, the first being 3 months after they opened in 1992! With her unique knowledge of the area, Erica is anxious to share her love of Europe by helping you plan your ultimate Adventures by Disney Vacation. You will even find her doing additional research with her family May/June of 2018!

When she’s not on a Disney trip, you will find Erica and her family either in the Caribbean or working their way through the United States. They are a travel loving family for sure, so much so that Erica has spent countless hours helping friends and family plan their vacations, including Disney World trips. When the opportunity to become a Disney Travel Planner arose, she jumped in with both feet, knowing that this was what she was meant to be doing. She is passionate about helping other families create memories of a lifetime and would be honored to help you too!

Areas of Focus: Walt Disney World, Dining Recommendations, Resort Recommendations, Deluxe Vacations, Holiday Trips, Traveling With Infants, Traveling With Small Children, Family and Multi-Generational Trips, Universal Studios-Orlando, Disneyland Paris, Adventures By Disney-European Destinations

Elizabeth Bujak

Liz Bujak is a ardent Disney fan since her youth and a enthusiastic visitor to Walt Disney World since its opening. She has over 40 visits to the World as a child, youth, young adult, newlywed ,mother and now grandmother. Her constant travels keep her up-to-date with the parks attractions, activities and most importantly, food.

She will be able to create plans for weddings, family get together’s, singles, couples and multi-generational. She loves to be able to enhance the experience for all.

A good listener, Liz will create events and travel plans that that fit her client needs and wants, and will still make suggestions to expand the experience.

Elisa Doran

Elisa has taken her love of Disney as a small child and passed that along to her own children (and husband ) Having children ranging in age from 8 to 20, Disney is her family’s favorite vacation spot. It is the only place that her family feels offer something for everyone while still letting them create wonderful memories all together. You know you are doing something right if your teenager still loves to vacation with you! As annual passholders, her family enjoys exploring well beyond the parks. Every trip they love to discover new restaurants or explore new resorts and activities.

Elisa spent years planning trips for her friends and family. She finally decided to seek out the most respected agency in the business and make this her career. She absolutely loves helping others to create the same magic and memories that her family has over the years!

Areas of focus: Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Aulani, family trips, celebrations, dining and resort recommendations, traveling with children of all ages, traveling with children with special needs, dinning with food allergies