Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson has visited Disney World several times as a child and has also taken her children over the years. Wonderful memories have been made at the Disney parks and seeing the excitement and smiles on the kids faces adds to the experience. Each park has so much to offer that everyone was able to do or see something that they wanted and it was also enjoyable for everyone. Even the different forms of transportation in and out of each park was fun!

Heather like to likes to immerse herself into any vacation that she goes on. For her this helps to get the most out of any trip and to understand the environment she is in and adds to the excitement and experience. These experiences are also something that she shares with friends and family on her return because she wants them to feel as excited and she is. This is also something that she wants to be able to provide to her clients in hopes that they will have their own excitement, joys and experiences on their trips.

Areas of focus: Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts and Family Vacations

Dominique Johnson

Dominique looks forward to helping you plan your next Disney vacation or cruise getaway.

He has enjoyed Disney since he was young watching movies and visiting the parks. Today he shares his passion for Disney with his two daughters, making yearly trips to the parks.

Dominique looks forward to helping you plan your next magical vacation.