Jennifer Pate

Hello I’m Luke, growing up in a small town in Wyoming I have always loved to travel. whether its a quick day trip or an extended vacation. I have spent about half of my life as a first responder, a firefighter for 17 years and a 911 dispatcher for 12. Both jobs are very mentally and physically taxing. My fiancé sparked my love for traveling even more and my love for Disney when we visited Disney world with her family. What I like about Disney, especially for me is it offers an escape from reality, a chance to have fun. However almost just as fun for me was helping to plan the trip. Deciding what ride to get fast passes for, to picking a restaurant that catered to everyone in our group. I have always tried to instill in my kids that you need to work hard to play hard, and the best moment for me was seeing the look on my daughters face when she first saw the castle. I cannot wait for our next adventure but in the meantime I would love to help another family create their own adventure.

Heather Rodriguez

Hi, I’m Heather and am pleased to meet you!  What’s my specialty?  Original and fantastical vacation planning, of course!  (Even helping to plan the WAY you tell the family.)  I had no idea how much a part of my DNA Disney was until I stood at the Castle in Magic Kingdom, sobbing!  My affection for Disney’s innovation, unrivaled customer service and magical experience is where the passion stems from – helping others to create lifelong memories is the next part of my passion, and I am delighted to assist you, even giddy about helping!

This deep fondness for all things Disney has lead me to booking middle of the night dining reservations, last minute phone calls while people are on vacation and need assistance, and adoring to hear the best parts of your vacation.  I understand and work to accommodate many needs and love to make your vacation just that, yours.  Whether you are looking for adventures galore, relaxation and sun, or something in the middle, I am happy to guide the way.

Thank you again and have a Magical Day! Heather