Ashley Banich

Personal Travel Advisor



I’m a California born gal that was mainly raised on the East Coast in NorthEast Pennsylvania. I have a gypsy soul with traveling and venturing; trying new things and learning about different cultures or what drives people. A lover of sunsets, all things small: babies, animals, and the little things we need to hold onto – a hopeless romantic and always striving to find the good in people. My heart urns to make people happy – whether its a simple gesture or giving the shirt off my back; I try to make sure that humanity is still very much alive and around. I am a Mother to 6 beautiful children (1 being a bonus!), and my oldest having special needs (Angelman Syndrome to be exact), and a partner to my best friend who is the yang to my ying. I love keeping the magic alive in life, which brings me to helping you with planning your vacation, one that hopefully you will never forget in the most magical and happiest way!  

Preferred Destinations