Carmen Gaines

Personal Travel Advisor




Home State : Texas

Timezone : Central

MVP Since : 2020

I love to travel and have a true wanderlust. I come home from a vacation thinking, “Where to next?” Disney World? A cruise? A posh resort in Mexico or Barbados? One of my favorite places in the world is Disney. I have a deep love for all things Disney and it truly is my happy place. This love was started as a child when I used to go on trip with my parents and is has grown over the years. I take  Disney trips with my extended family every three years where I immerse myself in fun and childhood flashbacks that makes Disney. But I also take several Disney trips during a year with just my husband where the vibe is luxe and grown-up. I love to experience Disney both ways. I also enjoy a good Universal Resorts getaway for some thrill rides. And I will never say no to a cruise or resort vacation. I love traveling on couples trips with my husband, on girls trips with my friends and on vacations with my entire family. I started planning vacations and giving travel tips to family and friends and realized that it is something that I enjoy doing. I love planning vacations and experiences for people because that’s how I like to live life…experiencing things. So, where to next?

Preferred Destinations