Emily Vartenuk

Personal Vacation Advisor




Home State : Alaska

Emily’s first trip to Disney was as an adult, from the moment she walked down main street, she was hooked to the magic of Disney. It is now her favorite place to go. She not only likes to vacation there but also loves to participate in Run Disney events. If you are going to run a race what better place to do it than the happiest place on earth is her motto. Emily is always thrilled to plan trips for her clients. She wants her clients to have the most magical trips to Disney. She hopes that her clients feel the feelings of joy and happiness that she feels when she vacations to Disney. The best part of Disney is that everyone is happy and full of life, you forget about all your troubles. Areas of focus: Walt Disney World, Dinning Recommendations, Run Disney events, Family Trips, Mother Daughter Trips.

Preferred Destinations