Gloria Empson

Personal Travel Advisor




Home State : Alabama

Timezone : Central

MVP Since : 2020

I have been in love with Disney World since I was very young and my Aunt Cil and Uncle Duke took me there when I was about 10 years old. I have since taken my children and family there countless times and made unforgettable family memories especially taking my son Carson when he was 2 years old, because he died the next summer and had we not taken him. I would have never had those amazing memories I made with him and Pinnochio when “she” took the time to just interact with him for over 20 mins getting him used to her where we could get his picture with her because he was a little scared of the characters. Everytime after that he was obsessed with Pinnochio and we got him a plastic doll of Pinnochio. Now we travel to lots of destinations as a family and love every minute of it and treat each moment as a treasure because you won’t remember the things you bought, but you will remember these special vacations you took! I began being a travel planner because I was already helping people plan their vacations and came across this amazing travel agency. I love helping you and your family create these magical vacations that will be with you and live in your memories forever. I will treat your vacation as if I were planning my very own and be sure to be there with you every step of the way. I will answer your questions and based on my own travel knowledge and training I have taken be able to give you insightful tips and advice based on these things.  

Preferred Destinations