Jake Brooks

Personal Vacation Advisor




Home State : Alaska

Jake was born and raised in the New Albany, IN area, and now lives in Shelbyville, IN with his wife, Kristina, and daughter, Lucy. When he and Kristina first started dating, she invited him to go to Disney World as part of her family’s long-standing tradition, and after experiencing the awesomeness of the Osborne Family Lights and the deliciousness of Le Cellier, he fell in love. Since then, Jake has found his own corner of the global Disney community that speaks directly to his inner creativity. After seeing how Disney inspires so many creative people to make gorgeous works of art, Jake has been on a quest to share the side of Disney many people don’t consider. The side that brings out the beauty and the passion in others. Jake’s been to Disney in almost every stage of life – as a kid, a teenager, a married adult without children, and now a parent. If you are looking for a Disney experience catered to who you are and what you’re into, contact Jake and he can work with you to make it happen!

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