Melody Young

Personal Travel Advisor




Home State : Alaska

39 years ago I was born into an incredible family with amazing life values. Traveling was a must when it came to our summers. I traveled to 42 states by the time I was 13. Family is everything to me. I can still remember the trips to Disney when I was growing up. Watching Tinker Bell fly down from the castle was my favorite part of the day! Not to mention the countless times I was so excited to see Minnie & Mickey. I think everyone young and old should get to experience the magic that you feel when being at Disney. I starting dating the love of my life when I was just 21 years old. We have been together for 18 years (we were so young)! We have 2 dogs and those 3 are my world. We are hoping to be blessed with our own child very soon :) so we can carry on some of our family traditions. The Hubby and I travel the country for work and in our spare time travel some more! I love that we can share our love for adventure and seeing new places together. He is truly my partner in crime! My family is everything to me. My parents have been together for 50 amazing years and set the bar very high! I have 3 wonderful brothers, 3 beautiful sister in laws and lets not forget about my 9 incredible nieces and nephews. I was also blessed with the best in laws too <3 When am not off traveling, I like to catch a football or hockey game while I am in town! We really love hosting Game nights and hanging with family and friends whenever possible. I hope to be able to help others take time out of their busy lives and go visit a magical place and forget about everything that doesn’t include FUN!

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