Michelle Champion

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Home State : Alaska

My love for Disney began with my first Disney Trip. I realized that Disney is not only a magical place for children, but it is also a magical place for adults. When I walked through the gates of Magic Kingdom, I was transformed into my childhood dreams of being a princess. I now could see through the eyes of my son the pure joy of make believe and to see the characters I had pretended to be. They were standing before me ready to bring to life all the stories. Disney gives you joy of what you have wanted to do and now could. I have had the opportunity of planning our multi-family vacations to Disney World for a party of 12. I am well versed in navigating Fast Passes and Dinning Reservations for large parties. Everything about Disney is phenomenal, but my most favorite part of Disney is the family memories that are made and remembered. Simply put, Disney makes our family smile. These magical memories have inspired me to use my knowledge of Disney to help other families create magical memories that will last a lifetime. I also look forward to becoming well versed in Universal Studios and Carnival Cruise line.

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