Rachelle Huebner

Personal Travel Advisor




Home State : Alaska

Wanderlust, Gallivanter, Globetrotter, Hodophile are all words to describe someone who loves to travel. I definitely am a part of this group and want to help others find or expand on their desire to travel. For years family and friends have approached me for advice regarding vacationing so being an Independent Travel Consultant is a natural fit for me. Disney World and cruising are my specialties but I have a great deal of experience in several areas of travel. I have planned intimate couples vacations and fun girls only getaways. When I became a new Mom nearly 12 years ago I was worried it would hinder our travel schedule. At 8 months old we took our son out of the country for the first time, fast forward nearly 12 years and he is on his 3rd passport and a well seasoned traveler. I am so thankful for all of the amazing memories and adventures I’ve had due to being fortunate enough to travel. Planning is TRULY half the fun for me. I love researching and coordinating vacations so you and your family can have a fun and stress free trip. Please contact me so we can discuss what you want out of your next trip. Whether you are looking to get the most bang for your buck or to spare no expense or seek a great adventure or want to relax by the ocean I believe that planning is the key to having YOUR dream vacation. Areas of focus: All things Disney; Universal Studios and Resorts; Cruising; All Inclusive Resorts; Family Trips; Adult Only Trips

Preferred Destinations