Tosha Huffines

Personal Travel Advisor




Home State : Colorado

Timezone : Mountain

MVP Since : 2022

Hello! Welcome to my Magical Vacation Planner home page. My name is Tosha Huffines, your personal, Magical Vacation Planner; and I am super stoked that you stopped by to see what, Magical Vacation Planner by Tosha Huffines, has to offer.   I grew up road-tripping across Texas, southern Louisiana and eastern New Mexico. I have countless memories from my childhood exploring various parts of each. I am grateful for all of those experiences; but as an adult, I wanted to see more, travel more—the kind of things you see on TV:  theme parks, blue water with white sand, ships, airports, lobster dinners, Tequila in Mexico.   These dreams were burning inside of me, so I decided to do the unimaginable for a middle-class millennial and I decided to price my dream trip to Walt Disney World. I knew nothing about this… so I reached out to an agent for the very first time.   My life was forever changed before we hung up from our call! I wondered why the travel world had been keeping this huge secret from the majority of the population—or at least most of the people I knew…   You don’t pay for these trips on the day they are booked—or more so they don’t HAVE to. Our system is set up for a traveler to put down a minimal deposit, then pay their vacation off over time. My mind was blown! Why don’t people know this secret?!?   I finally decided to take a leap of faith and partnered with MVP to bring my love of travel to others. I do this by letting others know the best kept travel secret and joining forces with them to plan amazing travel adventures for people like me! People that need a payment plan and have a strict budget. People with busy schedules and daydreams about vacation. People who work hard and deserve to play hard too!   I am so excited to help you plan your next vacation. I can’t wait to chat!

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