This Is What A 196 Minnie Ears Collection Looks Like!

Walt Disney World® Resort - Magic Kingdom® Park.jpg
Walt Disney World® Resort – Magic Kingdom® Park.jpg

A few weeks ago, one of our travel advisors brought to you her story of how she started collecting Minnie Ears. Currently, she has over 196 pairs in her possession and she “does not plan on stopping.”

We reached out to her to tell us more about her incredible collection, and she sent us a list of her favorite ones. Here are those she believes are the most fun and unique!

The Original Two

The Two Pairs That Expanded Her Collection

Disney Resort Hotel/Disney Vacation Club


Haunted Mansion

50th Anniversary

Limited/Special Edition

Walt Disney World Theme Park Rides

Holiday Season

Her All-Time Favorite

What do you think about her collection? Which one is your favorite one? Do you have your own set of Minnie Ears? Let us know in the comments below!

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