Travel Protection: Do I Really Need It?

This is a question we all ask ourselves before traveling, and our first instinct is likely to think that we don’t need travel insurance. I used to feel the same way before becoming a travel specialist. But this was before I truly understood how travel protection works, and how it can assist you before and during your trip.

Most people think that travel protection is only about canceling a trip, “I don’t need that because nothing will happen.” Unfortunately, things out of our control tend to appear when we less expect them, whether it is a sudden illness, weather-related issues, family or work-related situations, etc. These factors can occur and force a trip to be delayed or canceled, especially during these uncertain and unpredictable times through a world pandemic.

So, the right answer to our question is yes. You should highly consider a travel insurance plan that can protect your travel investment from life events out of your control. But more importantly, you are going to want to protect yourself and your travel group during your trip.

Protection Before, But Mostly During Your Trip

Sadly, we frequently hear about airline problems on the news these days. Delays and cancelations have always been a factor, but as we mentioned, these issues have increased during pandemic times.

The questions you need to ask yourselves are: what if your flight gets delayed or canceled and you arrive at your destination late or miss your trip? What if you arrive at your destination but your luggage does not? Who will pay for your lost items? Did you take that into consideration when you set a budget for your trip?

Travel hiccups can be costly, and travel protection can highly assist you with these unexpected events. Consider it an effort to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your investment.

My Personal Experience

I travel a lot for work, and during one of my trips, my computer was damaged while taking a transfer. Through the travel protection plan I had purchased at the time, I was luckily able to submit a claim for a replacement. Keep in mind that most of my work-related information is stored on my computer. All it took was filing a claim and answering a few questions, and my problem was solved in a matter of days. Had I been able to do that without travel insurance? Probably not.

I think one of the most important factors with travel protection, however, is that most policies include health insurance. Take into consideration that once you leave the country, your health insurance is probably ineffective.

Ask yourselves these questions: what if you get sick or hurt while visiting a foreign country? How will you pay for that? Did you know most foreign countries require payment before treatment is given? What if you can’t be treated at the destination you are visiting? How will you get back to the States? Some travel protection plans can cover medical evacuations. Also, know that many foreign countries will deny you entry without proof of health insurance.

A lot of domestic health insurance policies have out-of-network fees and deductibles as well, and these can get quite expensive. You also need to account for the time lost at your destination while being treated for an illness or injury, or if you need to end your trip altogether.

How a Magical Vacation Planner Can Help You

The companies we work with offer a 24-hour concierge line to help answer all your questions and find you medical care no matter where you are in the world. With travel protection, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you’ll never be alone while traveling. You can leave the stress and the worry behind knowing someone will be there to help you if needed. Think about it this way: you wouldn’t even think about not insuring your car or your home, why should travel be any different?

One of the many reasons why you should book your next vacation with a Magical Vacation Planner is the fact that your travel advisor can show you the best options available to protect your travel investment, answer all your questions, and clear all your doubts.

In conclusion, the next time your travel planner asks you about travel protection, don’t automatically say no. Give it some thought and highly consider protecting yourself and your family; trust me, it will be worth it.


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